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Thursday, July 19, 2018, 22:36
Police documents reveal HKNP poses real security threat
By Kathy Zhang
Thursday, July 19, 2018, 22:36 By Kathy Zhang

HONG KONG - The pro-independence Hong Kong National Party poses a real threat to national security, police documents which propose banning the group’s operation reveal. 

The police’s grounds to propose a ban on HKNP and evidence collected were disclosed on Wednesday night as the group itself posted scans of documents received from police earlier this week on its social-media account.

Rebecca Lam Hiu-tong, assistant commissioner of police, acting in her role as assistant societies officer, recommended that Security Secretary John Lee Ka-chiu make an order to prohibit the group. 

Lam stated she believed the HKNP’s advocacy of “independence of Hong Kong” poses a real threat to national security.

The group’s "independence" and "self-determination" goal is against the "one country, two systems" principle and violates the constitutional order and territorial integrity of China

Police documents

Invoking Section 8 of the Societies Ordinance, Lam expressed the resolute belief that prohibiting HKNP operations is necessary in the interests of national security, public safety, public order and protection of the rights and freedoms of others. 

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The group’s “independence” and “self-determination” goal is against the “one country, two systems” principle and violates the constitutional order and territorial integrity of China, according to the documents.

The group would also pose “imminent threats” to public safety and order, the documents stated, citing leaders of the group who said they would use “whatever effective means” – including force and violence – to achieve its goal.

Lam urged the special administrative region government to take preventive measures as the group was taking concrete steps in public to implement a goal incompatible with the laws.

Lam noted the government should not wait until a political movement has resorted to violence before intervening.

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In addition, the documents indicate the group endangers the rights and freedoms of others as it advocated racial or religious hatred.

The unveiled police documents, which run more than 800 pages, list the separatist group’s advocacy activities in detail.

The police recorded that the group used various means to propagate their agenda, such as street booths, school infiltration activities, propagandizing through press, radio and online platforms and actively reaching out to overseas organizations for support.

Lam said the group advocated and took concrete actions to promote and push for independence of the city in the past two years, in coordinated and planned efforts.

On Tuesday, Lee told reporters he had received the recommendation from the police, following the Societies Ordinance, to prohibit the group’s operation. 

The group has 21 days to submit written representations to Lee, arguing against the proposed ban. 

Lee said he would not make a decision before Aug 7, or he receives a reply from the group. 


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