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Friday, September 06, 2019, 19:06
Top Tech
By China Daily Lifestyle Premium
Friday, September 06, 2019, 19:06 By China Daily Lifestyle Premium

From rollable TVs to electric motorbikes, hop in line for some of the hottest technology coming out on the market

Rollable OLED TV R9, LG

If there’s one TV that everybody’s talking about, it’s LG’s rollable OLED TV – an impossibly thin flexible screen that magically appears and disappears into a svelte aluminium enclosure the company calls Zero View. Designed to appeal to decor-conscious homeowners who don’t want a big black screen dominating the room, tap a button on the remote and a hidden mechanism slowly unfurls to make the 65-inch screen disappear. It also features Alexa voice control and a 4.2-channel Dolby Atmos sound system. 

IQbuds Max, Nuheara

Smart hearing technology developer Nuheara has unveiled IQbuds Max, its most advanced and powerful hearing product to date. Building on all the features currently available with IQbuds Boost, Max has triple the hearing capability (utilising three microphones on each ear), five times the processing power and a hybrid active noise-cancellation system. 

Spectacles 3, Snap Inc

Chic as you like, here comes creativity in three dimensions from the creators of Snapchat. Photos and videos wirelessly sync to your phone, where you can reimagine your favourite moments with a suite of 3D effects on Snapchat. Precision-crafted from a single sheet of lightweight stainless steel, these high-quality, high-fashion desirables are engineered for elegance, durability and comfort. 

LiveWire, Harley-Davidson

Here’s a transport moment you never expected to see: Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle. With instantaneous power the moment you twist the throttle (from zero to 60mph in three seconds), there’s no clutch to release and no gears to run through; all you do is flick your wrist and take off. The LiveWire features a high-voltage battery that provides an estimated 235km of city range, or 152km of combined stop-and-go and highway range. Stay wild – never let them tame you.

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