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Friday, July 19, 2019, 15:15
China lodges representation with EU over 'HK motion'
By chinadailyhk.com
Friday, July 19, 2019, 15:15 By chinadailyhk.com

HONG KONG - A spokesperson for the Chinese Mission to the EU on Friday called on the European Parliament to stop interfering in affairs of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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The spokesperson’s statement came after the European Parliament adopted on Thursday a resolution on Hong Kong, calling on the SAR government to withdraw the extradition amendment bill and to drop all charges against detained protesters.

Here is the full text of the statement:

Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong. Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs. The European Parliament, in disregard of abundant facts and China's strong argument, insisted on adopting the so-called resolution on the situation in Hong Kong by confounding the right with the wrong. Such a dictating move is against the law-based administration by the HKSAR Government and the Hong Kong policy of China's Central Government. The European Parliament even goes so far as to call on the HKSAR Government to drop its efforts to hold the perpetrators accountable. All this lays bare the ignorance, prejudice, and the hypocritical act of double standards by the European Parliament. China is strongly concerned about and firmly opposed to such gross interference in China's domestic affairs. The Chinese Mission immediately lodged serious representation with the EU side after the adoption of the resolution, urging the EU side to promptly stop interfering in any form in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs, and more importantly, not to root for the violent offenders who disrupted law and order in Hong Kong.

It is worth noting that with a new European Parliament in place, the China-EU relations are faced with new opportunities for development. Yet obviously, the resolution has sent out a wrong signal. We urge the EU side to honor its words of valuing China-EU relations, and to take real actions to work with the Chinese side for the sound and steady growth of China-EU relations.

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