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China Daily

EU: Hypocritical candle lighting diminishes bloc

Grenville Cross says union not only disregards US human rights violations, but also those of its member states while obsessing about China.

05 June, 2023

UK’s six-monthly report on HK reveals its American vassal state status

Tony Kwok says Britain’s smearing of China and its SAR is hypocritical and does not serve its national interest.

31 May, 2023

US’ real national security and existential threat is from within

Ho Lok-sang says while America’s domestic problems loom large, its leadership is focused on containing China’s rise.

06 June, 2023

Growing and glowing — all in a power game

CLP Group’s growth into a regional electricity giant has been synonymous with the nation’s economic miracle. CEO Richard Lancaster tells Edith Lu the Bay Area’s push will keep the torch burning.

25 October, 2019

Trading giant a partner in economic miracle

Fung Group grows to gain international stature along with the People’s Republic of China with the national development strategies and goals.

18 October, 2019

Italian corp an avant garde for green practice

As the idea of cutting the carbon footprint in business has been embraced by more companies globally, CEO of Maintetti tells Pamela Lin why and how they are spearheading the green campaign.

09 August, 2019