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Published: 22:02, October 04, 2023 | Updated: 22:31, October 04, 2023
Tse: Ban stays until Japan stops nuke wastewater dumping
By Xinhua
Published:22:02, October 04, 2023 Updated:22:31, October 04, 2023 By Xinhua

In this photo taken during the tour of the treated water dilution and discharge facility for foreign media, journalists are guided along with tanks containing treated radioactive wastewater, part of the facility for the releasing treated radioactive water to sea from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO), in Okuma town, northeastern Japan, Sunday, Aug 27, 2023. (PHOTO / AP)

HONG KONG — Hong Kong will keep the ban on importing aquatic products from 10 Japanese metropolis or prefectures if the Japanese government continues to discharge nuclear-contaminated wastewater on Thursday, an HKSAR govt official said Wednesday.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government opposes Japan's nuclear-contaminated wastewater dumping, said Tse Chin-wan, secretary for environment and ecology of the HKSAR government, noting that the ban is in place to ensure food safety and public health.

A spokesman of the HKSAR government said Hong Kong will closely monitor and step up the testing arrangements

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Tse said after attending the Global Conference on Sustainable Development 2023 that the HKSAR government will ensure that all food products imported are safe, reassure the public and reduce the impact on the catering industry.

A spokesman of the HKSAR government said on Wednesday that as the discharge of nuclear-contaminated wastewater is unprecedented and will continue for 30 years, the HKSAR government will closely monitor and step up the testing arrangements.

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Should anomalies be detected, the HKSAR government does not preclude further tightening the scope of the import ban, the spokesman said.

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