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Published: 10:55, February 09, 2023 | Updated: 18:29, February 09, 2023
Netflix lays out plans to crack down on account sharing
By Reuters
Published:10:55, February 09, 2023 Updated:18:29, February 09, 2023 By Reuters

In this illustration photo taken on July 19, 2022, Netflix show selection is displayed on the screen of a smartphone with the account page in the background. (PHOTO / AFP)

Netflix Inc on Wednesday laid out plans to crack down on password sharing for accounts on its streaming platform, including setting up primary location and paying a couple of dollars for an extra member.

The video-streaming giant, which has estimated that 100 million around the world use a shared account, said that members can now easily manage who has access to their account, transfer profile to a new account and still easily watch Netflix on their personal devices or log into a new TV.

"So over the last year, we've been exploring different approaches to address this issue in Latin America, and we're now ready to roll them out more broadly in the coming months, starting today in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain," the company said in a blogpost.

Members on Netflix's standard or premium plan in many countries can add an extra member sub account for up to two people for an extra C$7.99 ($5.94) a month per person in Canada, NZD$7.99 ($5.06) in New Zealand, 3.99 euros ($4.28) in Portugal, and 5.99 euros in Spain, the company said.

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In this file photo taken on March 2, 2022, the Netflix logo is displayed on top of their office building in Hollywood, California. (PHOTO / AFP)

The company lost subscribers in the first half of 2022 amidst stiff competition from rivals, prompting it to look more seriously into password sharing and launching an ad-supported plan.

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