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Published: 12:58, August 16, 2022 | Updated: 12:33, August 17, 2022
HK e-vouchers: Govt receives 170,000 applications for review
By Wang Zhan
Published:12:58, August 16, 2022 Updated:12:33, August 17, 2022 By Wang Zhan

In this Aug 1, 2021 photo, a shopper scans a QR code to redeem a shopping voucher at a mall in Hong Kong, as the first batch of HK$2,000 consumption vouchers were disbursed by the Hong Kong government. (BERTHA WANG / AFP)

HONG KONG – The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region received about 170,000 applications for review, as at Aug 13,  under phase two of Consumption Voucher Scheme following the disbursement of the first voucher on Aug 7.

Most of the review applications are from people who have submitted valid claim requests for early withdrawal of their Mandatory Provident Fund or benefits under occupational retirement schemes on the ground of "permanent departure from Hong Kong”, according to the Consumption Voucher Scheme Secretariat.

Following the Aug 7 disbursement of the first voucher to about 104,000 registrants who have their cases successfully reviewed, another 29,000 registrants have their cases been successfully reviewed, said a secretariat spokesman.

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The registrants will receive their first voucher on Tuesday, it said, adding that relevant SMS or mobile app push notifications will be sent to them. 

People can also enquire about their eligibility checking result through the interactive voice response system of the hotline 185000.  

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The secretariat said it will notify the applicants of the review results by SMS within six weeks upon receiving their applications and relevant supporting documents.

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