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Published: 15:02, August 03, 2022 | Updated: 15:02, August 03, 2022
Russia says US has not offered to resume nuclear treaty talks
By Reuters
Published:15:02, August 03, 2022 Updated:15:02, August 03, 2022 By Reuters

Sergey Lavrov, minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, addresses the public during a press conference at the Russian embassy, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Aug 2, 2022. (EDUARDO SOTERAS / AFP)

MOSCOW - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that the United States hadmade no approaches to resume talks on anew strategic nuclear arms reduction treaty to replace the so called 2011 "New START" deal.

US President Joe Biden said he was ready to "expeditiously negotiate a new arms control framework" to replace New START when it expires in 2026, while President Vladimir Putin said there could be no winners in any nuclear war.

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"It has become their habit to announce things over the microphone and then forget about them," Lavrov said. "There have been no approaches to us to restart the negotiation process."

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