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Published: 11:33, July 25, 2022 | Updated: 15:00, July 25, 2022
HK launches taxi service from airport to quarantine hotels
By Wang Zhan in Hong Kong
Published:11:33, July 25, 2022 Updated:15:00, July 25, 2022 By Wang Zhan in Hong Kong

The DQH taxis, launched on July 25, 2022 on a trial basis, only carry inbound passengers to their designated quarantine hotels from the airport. (PHOTO / HKSAR GOVERNMENT)

With the number of overseas arrivals increasing, the Hong Kong government has enhanced the existing free point-to-point transport services for inbound persons and introduced new options of self-paid transport services to shorten the journey time from the airport to the designated quarantine hotels (DQHs).

Apart from the self-paid limousine service provided by the DQHs currently, inbound travelers can avail self-paid taxi services and pay the metered fares and additional charges applicable, like tunnel tolls and luggage fees. 

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Total 100 taxis have been arranged to provide the service on a trial basis from Monday, the government said on Monday in a press release.

“We have to react to the demand from the community on such taxi services and we have heard quite a lot of voices from our community on this service. I am sure that this will meet the demand of some of the landing passengers,” Secretary for Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung said at a media session.

Inbound persons can choose to go to the DQHs by free transport service, or self-paid taxis or limousine service according to their personal needs.

Spokesman, HKSAR government

The DQH taxis operate from 8 am to 2 am daily. Inbound persons who opt to go to DQHs by taxis at their own expense should inform the staff at the Arrival Hall of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) after completing immigration procedures and baggage claim. 

They should go to the designated area for waiting and boarding the taxis as instructed.

DQH taxis only provide services for inbound persons from the HKIA to the DQHs and won’t transport passengers to other places nor pick up other passengers. Specific labels will be affixed at a prominent location of the taxis for public identification. 

For anti-epidemic purpose, the taxis cannot carry any passenger on the front seats and inbound persons must use the back seats.

The government will review the demand and adjust the service level to suit, said the transport chief. “If required, we can engage more taxis to suit the demand."

Currently, about 10 DQHs provide self-paid limousine service for the inbound passengers. Inbound persons can contact their hotels in advance for the service.

As the number of DQHs has doubled to nearly 70 in the past four months, the Health Bureau has increased the number of routes of the free designated transport service from HKIA to DQHs to 18 since early July. 

Each route covers three to five hotels and the travelling time of each trip is under two hours. Clear signage showing the routes as well as the destinations of hotels are placed in the Arrival Hall. 

“Inbound persons can choose to go to DQHs by free transport service, or self-paid taxis or limousine service according to their personal needs,” said a government spokesman.

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In view of the epidemic developments, the government will formulate targeted strategies and measures, to protect the safety and health of citizens while minimizing the impact on normal social activities, the spokesman added.

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