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Published: 15:24, March 18, 2022 | Updated: 15:43, March 18, 2022
China urges efforts to prevent humanitarian crisis in Ukraine
By Xinhua
Published:15:24, March 18, 2022 Updated:15:43, March 18, 2022 By Xinhua

People evacuate in Irpin, Ukraine on March 11, 2022 amid Russian military operation in the country. (DIEGO HERRERA / XINHUA)

UNITED NATIONS – A Chinese envoy on Thursday called on all parties to the Ukraine conflict to exercise restraint to prevent a humanitarian crisis of an even larger scale

China is deeply worried about the worsening humanitarian situation in Ukraine, and saddened by the reported increase in civilian casualties and refugees. The pressing task now is to call for maximum restraint from all parties so as to prevent the occurrence of a larger scale humanitarian crisis, said Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the United Nations. 

China supports the work by the relevant parties in maintaining communication, ensuring safe and unimpeded humanitarian corridors, and further facilitating personnel evacuation and humanitarian assistance, he told a Security Council meeting on the Ukraine refugee issue. 

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The number of refugees and displaced persons caused by the conflict is still on the rise, bringing a huge impact on Ukraine and the surrounding countries. China supports relevant UN agencies in actively conducting operations and mobilizing the international community to assist all those in need, he said. 

China hopes that the Security Council can stay united on the humanitarian issue and demonstrate a constructive attitude.

Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN

In the recent past, some people of African or Middle Eastern descent encountered difficulties during evacuation. This should be taken seriously and addressed properly. All refugees, regardless of color, race or religion, shall be accorded the necessary protection under international refugee law, said Zhang. 

China pays high attention to the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and has put forward a six-point proposal. The Red Cross Society of China has provided Ukraine with three batches of humanitarian supplies, with the third batch containing milk powder and quilts for children, he said. 

"We welcome any initiative or measure from any party that contributes to alleviating and resolving the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The Security Council bears the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, and should therefore play a positive role in easing the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.  

“China hopes that the Security Council can stay united on the humanitarian issue and demonstrate a constructive attitude,” he added. 

The international community has the common wish for a cease-fire at an early date to alleviate the situation on the ground and prevent civilian casualties. China shares this wish, said Zhang. 

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To date, Russia and Ukraine have held four rounds of negotiations. Keeping the negotiations going means there is a chance for cease-fire, and that there is a chance for a peaceful future, he noted.  

Humanitarian aid supplies sent by the Red Cross Society of China to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society are transported in Warsaw, Poland, March 15, 2022. (CHEN CHEN / XINHUA)

"China remains committed to promoting peace through negotiations. We support the United Nations and the parties concerned in vigorously carrying out good offices. We also hope that all parties will do more to facilitate peace talks, and not to add fuel to fire." 

Facts have proved that the wanton use of sanctions will not solve any problem, but will instead create new problems. Given the sluggish recovery in the global economy, ever-escalating sanctions are undermining the stability of the international industrial chain and supply chain, thus exacerbating food and energy crises, damaging people's livelihood in all countries, developing countries in particular, and triggering new humanitarian consequences, said Zhang.  

This is also an issue that the Security Council shall pay attention to when addressing the humanitarian issue of Ukraine, he added. 

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