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Published: 23:35, November 03, 2021
Iran says it thwarted US attempt to seize Gulf oil cargo
By Bloomberg
Published:23:35, November 03, 2021 By Bloomberg

Iran said its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps stopped a US attempt to seize a shipment of Iranian oil in the Gulf of Oman last month, in an operation involving speed boats and helicopters. 

State television said US naval forces had escorted a vessel carrying Iranian crude and transferred its cargo to a second ship when the IRGC intervened, taking control of the second vessel and bringing it to Iran. The ship arrived at the port of Bandar Abbas at 8 am local time on Oct 25, according to a statement on the IRGC’s news portal sepahnews.com.

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A spokesman for the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which is based in the Persian Gulf, said the report was being investigated but wasn’t able to immediately comment.

A video tweeted by Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations, claiming to show the incident, included military speed boats approaching two large vessels in the distance. Neither are clearly identifiable.

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